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Fitness: Learn about diet and fitness techniques; including online dieting, nutrition advice and exercise tips; at AOL Diet & Fitness.

1 Stop Weight Loss: 1- stop weight loss offers weight loss programs, tips, and tools.

24 Hour Fitness: Offers a summary of ten of the most popular diets on the market today, the benefits and disadvantages of each plan and whether the plan can be maintained for life.

Am I Fat?: Obesity is the biggest killer in the USA. Find out if you are overweight and what you can do about it

Body Mass Index Calculators: Offers tables for men and women, with adjustments for older and younger individuals. Includes explanation of results.

Calculate your Body Mass Index: National Institute of Health (NIH) page uses height and weight (english or metric) to determine amount of body fat.

Calorie Counter: Lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Support, diet tips and chat room.

Calorie Database: The Calorie Database contains a wealth of nutritional information on over 18000 individual food items, with detailed breakdown of calories, carb, fat, and various vitamins and minerals.

Calorie Management: A low glycemic recipe forum for diet, weight health, diabetes and heart health. free online diet program. Provides a full calorie counter with nutritional data for thousands of foods. Includes printable food labels. Diet and Weight Loss resources. Lose weight the healthy way, Home of USA's most comprehensive food database. Proving trusted diet and weight loss resources, tools, recipes and information. Lose weight the healthy way and keep it off for life. A calorie counter for American foods, an exercise calorie calculator, and a daily news source for dieters.

Calorielator: This is an on-line audio-visual tool to estimate the calories needed to maintain one's current weight and, if currently overweight, to estimate the number of days it takes to reach the ideal weight by reducing the food intake appropriately.

Caloriesperhour: Calorie counter and calculators for calories burned, food, BMI, BMR, RMR, weight loss and ideal weight. Diet and weight loss tips and tutorial.

CBC Consumers: Dying to be Thin: An in depth look at the risks associated with diet drugs.

Diet and Fitness by Find dieting tips for healthy weight loss plus fitness program information at

Diet Tips: News The speed and security that we need

Dieting Review: Reviews of all major diets and a selection of weight loss tools availiable

Dr. B's Weight Loss Network: lose weight, weight loss diets, loose pounds kilos, lasers cosmetic surgery, exercise, plans, news, weight loss information, get thin, obesity treatment, cosmetic aesthetic plastic surgery, beauty treatments, supplements

Eat Fat and Grow Slim: How most people get fat and how they can easily become slim again without starving or enduring unpleasant diets, by Richard Mackarness, M.B.,B.S.

Fad Diets: A collection of popular fad diets that promise quick weight loss. Track and analyze your nutrition, weight loss, diet and fitness over the web. Its free and private!

Free Diet Tips: Helpful resource for weight loss, diet tips, Atkins diet and free diet programs. Weight loss diets, diet plans, diet programs and healthy diets designed by a dietitian.

If Not Dieting, Then What - Dr. Rick Kausman: Provides help and support for people to achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight without being deprived of food or losing quality of life.

John La Puma, M.D.: uses the lessons and recipes learned in CHEF Clinic Research to help people solve personal medical problems through Cooking, Healthy Eating, and Fitness.

Keys To Successful Weight Loss: Keys to losing weight from a weight loss instructor plus over 50 useful weight loss links.

Living Lean Today: A portal to weight loss sites. Links to professional and personal weight loss sites, fitness links, health columnists, healthy recipes and other weight loss resources. Individualized diets to lower weight, cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure, and blood sugar, books, online nutrient anlaysis of your diet, restaurant tips, brand-name foods, research results, plus nutrition counseling with a dietitian.

Lose Body Weight: Three healthy habits to lose weight: Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle Weight Management, Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders, treatment options including weight loss programs and medical treatments and therapies

Nu-Living: Nu-Living physician-assisted weight management program reduces health risks related to overweight and obesity. BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index Calculator)

NutriDiary: Free food and exercise logging web application that tracks, analyzes, and graphs calories in, calories out, nutrients, weight, body fat, and BMI. Also allows weight goal and nutrition target setting.

Overweight .net: Provides weight management resources, tools, and recipes.

Practical Weight Loss: Calorie and BMI calculators. Weight Loss: Free diet plans and fitness tools to lose weight safely like calorie counters, low fat recipes, personality quiz and weight loss forums.

South Beach Diet Guide: South Beach Diet Guide - practical information on getting started with the South Beach Diet, personal experiences, a recipe exchange and public discussion forums

Staying Slim: Staying Slim is your internet resource for staying healthy and fit. Content includes; News, Success Stories, Articles, Forum, Diets, Calorie & Fat Lists, and Readers Letters. You can even discuss your own experiences with our qualified dieticians.

The Hacker's Diet: Billed as how to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition, this is a serious weight loss program written from an engineering and management perspective. A simple guide to The Zone Diet Plan.

Weigh-Less: To attain and maintain the ideal weight, the healthy way. Offers message boards, chat, exercise, food for the soul, recipes and success stories.

Weight Awareness: A comprehensive health information portal dedicated exclusively to weight loss related issues, including diet, nutrition, fitness,exercise, medications, gastric bypass surgery, and plastic surgery. Current and relavant weight news is displayed on the site.

Weight Control - WebMD: Consumer health site written and reviewed by WebMD doctors.

Weight Loss For All: free weight loss help on weight loss exercise, learn how to lose fat weight through exercise diet programs for losing weight

Weight Loss for Good: Weight Loss For Good - Information and tips to help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Help: Weight Loss Help. Offers articles, information, tools, and tips to help you achieve healthy long term weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Index: The Weight Loss Index offers the latest information on weight loss, diet, health, fitness, supplements and more. We'll help you lose weight successfully with our free guides and expert advice.

Weight loss Information: Free information about weight loss, losing weight and losing fat, diet, weightlifting, bodybuilding, exercises, and more!

Weight Loss Products Comparison: Discusses different weight loss products from pills to patches as well as the benefits, effects, and ingredients.

Weight Loss Tips: lose weight quickly with these weight loss tips from a psychologist who helped many normal, depressed, anxious and fearful people lose weight permanently.This web site was created for FREE at Visit to get your free web site - no programming required.

Weight Loss:'s weight loss Web site provides links to a variety of information about diets, emotional eating, fitness, nutrition, cooking and more, as well as weekly feature articles, weight loss tips and more.

Weight Watchers International: Official site providing information about health, nutrition, dieting, exercise and fitness.

Weightcheck: is the world's first personalized weight loss program available on the web.

Weightfocus: Information on a range of diet & weight loss programs. Choose a diet plan based on your health and lifestyle needs. Consider the pros and cons of low carbohydrate diets, low fat diets & bariatric surgery.

Weightloss Resource: Includes diet plans, pills, and how to talk to your doctor. Features a body mass index and other helpful tools.

Winning with Wendy: Motivation and support for Weight Watchers members. Includes Winning Points recipes, tips, and links.

Zone Diet Info: Informational resource on the Zone Diet food plan provides eating tips, facts, and advice on weight loss.

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