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Sites: Quit Smoking Forum: Your chances of success with smoking cessation are much greater when you have support. The quit smoking support forum at is some of the best online support available to help you along as you quit using tobacco.

Committed Quitters: Designed to work along with your patch or gum to help you quit smoking for good.

Motley Fool Quitting Smoking Bulletin Board: The Motley Fool Discussion Boards: The Best Financial Community on the Web.

MSN Groups: Freedom from Tobacco: FREEDOM - a no-nonsense nicotine free cold turkey quit smoking education forum for serious quitters. Arm yourself with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to take control of your addiction to nicotine by studying in the internet's largest library of original stop smoking articles, by partici...

MSN Groups: Quit Smoking: For all whom need support while quitting smoking, As a group, smoking can be a thing of the past...

Quit Smoking Buddies: quitsmokingbuddies: quitsmokingbuddies

Quit Smoking Support: Quit Smoking with Quit Smoking Support.

Quit Smoking Support at Bulletin board for people who have, or would like to, successfully quit smoking. Bulletin Board: A quit smoking support bulletin board.

Smokebusters-Just4u: A quit smoking bulletin board offering support and advice.

Smoking Cessation: Smoking Cessation helps smokers kick their nicotine addiction, providing tools, information and support for people quitting smoking.

The Stop Smoking Center: An online quit smoking program with a Support Group moderated by trained health care professionals.

Unofficial Nic Anon: unofficialnicanon: A 12 Step Program for Nicotine Addiction

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