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AAOS On-Line Service: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Public information area includes material about arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, total joint replacement and the prevention of back pain and broken hips.

AARP Research Center - Health and Long-Term Care: Explore AARP Policy and Research topics in Health and Wellness such as Medicaid, Medigap, prescription drugs, private health care, disabilities, disease prevention, health care costs, health care financing, health literacy. In-depth research reports, fact sheets, speeches, news releases, legal ca...

Action for Healthy Aging and Elderly Care: Medical Articles - At Health and Age we add new articles to our site at frequent intervals. There are two types of medical articles: summaries or reviews of a medical topic and counseling articles written by experts and designed to help you better understand medical problems and to find ways of s... Health and drug information specific to seniors including online senior drugs reviews of commonly prescribed drugs for the elderly.

Aging Issues Message Board: Health related message boards offering discussions of numerous health topics including allergies, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, exercise, attention deficit disorder, diet, and nutrition.

Aging-PA: Aging Information for PA: Aging information for Pennsylvania with links to long term care, educational programs, senior health sites, and other important issues.

Avoiding Slips, Trips and Broken Hips: This is the preventing home falls web site set up by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Its purpose is to support the ongoing DTI campaign on falls prevention aimed at older people in the home. The site contains a variety of resource materials to assist those active in this field.

ElderHope, LLC: ElderHope provides support for the latter chapters of life, grief, and dementia.

Healthy Aging Campaign: National, ongoing, health promotion designed to broaden awareness of the positive aspects of aging and to provide inspiration to adults, ages 50 plus, to improve their physical, mental, social and financial health.

Helpguide: Lifelong Wellness: Articles and resources for creating and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. Infoaging, developed by the American Federation of Aging Research (AFAR), delivers the latest research-based information about the biology of aging, healthy aging and the diseases of aging. Infoaging is designed to help consumers understand a wide variety of age-related topics, including caloric ...

International Year of Older Persons 1999 U.N.: 'Towards a society for all ages.' United Nations/Division for Social Policy and Development.

Jannsen Eldercare: Information and resources on medical conditions related to aging, health insurance, Medicare, and nursing homes for the health care professional, consumer and caregiver.

Keiser Institute on Aging: Information on the enhancement of older adult wellness by changing the perceptions of aging and improving the quality of life.

Latino Gerontological Center: A private, non-profit organization, devoted to improve the quality of life of Hispanic seniors and their communities.

Lifesphere Retirement Communities: LifeSphere Home

Lumetra: Information on Medicare for beneficiaries, their families and providers.

Medicare Rights Center: Your guide through the Medicare maze. An independent, non-profit source for information about your health care rights and benefits.

Mental Health and Aging: The Mental Health and Aging Web site will assist older adults and their families in obtaining appropriate mental health and aging services, and teach them how to advocate to get their needs met.

Native Elder Research Center: Focuses the heath and well being of Native American elders.

Network Of Care: Six Web sites offering community-based resources and tools for seniors and people with disabilities; mental health; and children ages 0-5.

Our Senior Years Health Topics: our senior is striving to be the most complete website for senior citizens, future seniors, and those who care for them. It is carefully edited, written and maintained by registered nurses who have extensive experience in the field of caring for seniors.

Pfizer for Living: Offering personalized articles, health management tools and health information. Requires free registration.

Phrma: Publications: Patient Assistance: PhRMA: New Medicines, New Hope. Disease is our enemy. Working to save lives is our job.

Pro-Ops: illustrated articles on diseases common in elderly eg osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, artery disease, coronary & stroke; & best links to others eg cancer, diabetes

Research into Ageing: Help the Aged works to attack and remove the major barriers to active and fulfilled later lives. Understanding the needs of older people is fundamental to this work and we are committed to supporting and promoting high-quality research. Our policy research drives our campaigns and ensures that ol...

Residential Homes: Care Homes Guide Ltd provides an in-depth search facility for all types of residential, nursing and retirement homes. Thanks, Amaru

Senior Connections: Resources for seniors and their caregivers in Virginia

Senior Health: Seniors' Health Issues

Senior Health Week: best source of the latest news on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases and conditions affecting seniors. News and information for seniors on alzheimer's, arthritis, breast cancer, cataracts, cholesterol, colorectal, depression, diabetes, gastrointestinal, glaucoma, h...

Senior One Source: Online Magazine for Seniors: Helping to make the aging process easier and more understandable.

Seniors Resource Guide: A guide to senior services and resources on healthcare providers, housing options, emergency services, community resources, and professional articles on aging.

SeniorWorld Online: Online access to senior resources including travel, entertainment, real estate, romance, finance, home and garden and daily living, articles, events and information.

Staying Healthy at 50+: AHRQ consumer information on ways people age 50 and older can stay healthy, tips on living habits, to help prevent disease, screening tests, and immunizations.

The National Advisory Council on Aging: The National Advisory Council on Aging was created on May 1, 1980, to assist and advise the Minister of Health on all matters related to the aging of the Canadian population and the quality of life of seniors., Le CCNTA a été créé le 1er mai 1980 pour conseiller et aider le ministre de la San...

The Patient Education Forum: The American Geriatrics Society. Aging FAQ. Health, medical and social information of interest to the elderly.

ThirdAge Health: Visit ThirdAge Health to take charge of your well-being in your 40s, 50s and 60s: Alzheimer's, arthritis, depression, menopause, heart health, weight loss, sleep, stress reduction and more.

Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology: Promoting successful aging in Detroit and beyond.

When Does Someone Attain Old Age?: The Ohio Department of Aging, Senior Series. SS-101-96.

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