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Complete Home Medical Guide: Online medical encyclopedia. Includes commonly prescribed drugs.

A: About AllExperts: expert guidance from real people helping to answer your questions

AllAboutBlackHealth: Information on health related issues as they affect African Americans and other minorities at risk.

Anesthesia Preoperative Preparation: Useful information on the preoperative preparation of patients for anesthesia and surgery.

Be MedWise: NCPIE encourages health professionals and community groups to foster patient-professional communication about medicines. However, NCPIE does not supervise or endorse the activities of any group or professional. Discussion and action concerning medicines are solely the responsibility of patients a...

Case Health: This site is dedicated to collecting, storing, cross-referencing, and sharing health event case studies.

Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati: Cincinnati Children's provides patient education information about pediatric diseases, procedures, treatments and more.

Cliff Steer : Heart Man: Free video by a heart transplant patient, aimed at Jr. High kids, about positive life styles, the non-use of drugs and alcohol, and organ donation.

CT Network: Providing support and information for CAT scan patients and technicians.

Doc Trish Explains It All: Receive translation of medical jargon and explanation of conditions or diseases by a family doctor, into plain English.

Dr. is an online resource for health research and natural therapies, providing in-depth articles on lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and curing heart disease.

Enhancement, Inc: Enhancement, Inc. is a nonprofit foundation whose purpose is to teach and disseminate material relating to health and/or wellness, through videos, publications, lectures, etc.

FamilyDoctor: A database of over 600 articles and guides, covering 37 common medical topics. All articles are reviewed and edited by family doctors and specialists.

Good Health -- Healthy Lifestyle: This site is dedicated to convincing people to live a healthy lifestyle, to improve their quality of life, and avoid (or reduce the severity of) chronic disease.

Good Housekeeping - Can the Internet Be Hazardous to Your Health?: When it comes to medical information on the Web, you can't believe everything you read. Good Housekeeping tells you what to watch out for and how to separate fact from fiction.

Health and Medical Information: Fireworks Splice HTML

Health Authority: Offers information on tobacco addiction, weight loss, cholesterol reduction and hypertension control.

Health Medical and health self-help information, covering conventional and alternative health.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Healthful life project is for all adults to promote longer and healthier lives. Visit our website for hot topics in health promotion, disease prevention, HWPA/law, healthful life nutrition, sponsors, human tune-up and more

Healthfinder: healthfinder® is a free guide to reliable health information, by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

HealthScout: Personalized Health News For You And Your Family: Consumer Health News, Information and Resources Updated Daily - Consumer Health Information by HealthScout,Health calculators. Trying to lower the fat in your diet? Exactly how many calories and how much fat should you eat? Use our online calculator to find out!

Healthtouch Online: A resource that brings together valuable information from trusted sources on topics such as medications, health, diseases, supplements and natural medicine.

HealthySelf: Health and Medical Information Research Service: Health research and medical research by HealthySelf provides custom information on diseases, treatments,procedures,prevention and resources. Alternative medicine, herbs, naturopathic, and pet health issues.

HELP - Health Education Library for People: World's largest consumer health library with online full text health books to help you to take better care of your health

Helping Children Cope With the Intensive Care Unit: Virtual Hospital was a digital library of health information in pediatrics, paediatrics, and radiology for pediatric education and radiology education

Home Healthcare Guide: The NHS Home Healthcare guide from SurgeryDoor provides over 120 pages on common ailments, their causes, effects and treatment.

How to Review Your Blood Test Results: Explains glucose, electrolytes, minerals, thyroid and others.

JAMA's Patient Education Pages: The full text of patient education pages from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

James Kimbro Maguire, Jr., M.D. Simmons Surgical Society: Dr. Maguire is a spine surgeon and member of the Simmons Surgical Society.

Lab Tests Online: Lab Tests Online offers patient education to help health care consumers better manage their care. A public resource on clinical lab testing from the professionals who do the testing.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis: Mayo Clinic offers award-winning medical and health information and tools for healthy living.

MCare: Health at Home: An online book covering a broad range of health topics, with questions to guide the reader as to whether the condition can be treated at home or should be checked by a doctor.

Med Help International - The Virtual Medical Center for Patients: Providing patient information, medical, and health advice. Interactive question and answer forums staffed by online doctors from leading medical centers. Extensive library of articles on all diseases and health conditions. Specializing in areas such as heart disease, neurology, child behavior, de...

Medifocus Patient Research Guides: Welcome to Medifocus - Home to 120 complete medical guides and treatment options on diseases and other medical conditions

MedInfo - Patient Information: Medinfo provides accessible and easy to understand information on common medical problems and complaints, written by a UK family practitioner.

MUSC Health: Medical University of South Carolina Hospital information. Information on medical services and procedures available at MUSC, U.S. News reports MUSC as one of the top hospitals in the US. Healthcare, drug and treatment information.

National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE): Designed to help consumers make sound decisions about the use of medicines, and to stimulate and improve communication between consumers and health care professionals by developing programs, providing educational kits, and offering guidelines, tips, and resources.

Navy Health Book: A digital library of naval medicine and military medicine and humanitarian medicine

NetHealth Online Guide: A comprehensive guide to health on the Internet, with reviews and links to hundreds of online resources. Experts in wellness, health, medicine, diet, drugs, fitness

NOAH: Health Topics and Resources: A meta site of listings by topic and source with the added bonus of offering a large selection of materials in Spanish as well as English.

Ohio State University's Patient Education Documents: Covers an extensive list of medical and surgical conditions. Documents are available in pdf format.

Patient Medical Assistant: Default page

Patient Protect: Consultation devoted to protecting patients against healthcare costs, abuse, negligence, and incompetence in the field. Articles, resources, and links for those seeking medical advice or treatment. Offers patients animated videos, graphics, and medical illustrations as explanations for the most common surgical and diagnostic procedures performed in the US.

Remedyfind: Which health treatments work? RemedyFind is a free, unbiased site where you rate the treatments you’ve used for specific health conditions.

Seek Wellness: A reliable source of health information on incontinence, impotence, sexual problems, eating disorders, wellness, fitness, nutrition, arthritis, gout, AddisonÂ’s disease, heart disease and others.

Simmons Surgical Society: The Simmons Surgical Society is a group of physicians dedicated to the alleviation of pain and suffering experienced by patients with spinal disorders

Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound: Describes what the various types of ultrasound examinations can tell your doctor, how to prepare for your examination, and a description of the procedure.

SoYouWanna Be A Human Guinea Pig?: This full-length article will teach you how to volunteer for science experiments, from simple questionnaires to complex drug trials. Disease at Stop Getting Sick. Specializing in allergy, virus, infectious disease and allergy relief

The Medical Reporter: The Medical Reporter, an independent, educational health magazine on the Web for enlightened healthcare consumers, emphasizing patient education, patient advocacy, patient rights, and medical information

Think Like A Doctor: Think Like A Doctor is an online community seminar for healthcare consumers to become even better patients by improving the relationship with their doctor - by thinking like a doctor. Topics cover depression, cancer, high blood pressure, migraines (headaches), drugs, and heart disease. Go beyond ...

Tips of All Tips Of All Sorts - transferable information provided simply. Be amazed at all the wonderful, unique, informative and even wacky tips on almost anything possible!

Whole Hearted Living:
Why Doctors Order Laboratory Tests: How do doctors use laboratory tests to help them make diagnoses? In this guide for parents, you'll learn important facts about common lab tests, from bone scans to ultrasounds.

Wired for Health: Health information at the touch of a button for young people and their teachers, Wired for Health aims to provide accurate and engaging information on health.

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